The Royal North Devon Golf Club

Easter Gold Medal (Open)

Saturday 30th March
Royal North Devon, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

Scratch and Handicap Prizes

Easter Gold Medal (Open)

Saturday 30th March 2024, White Tees, Royal North Devon

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Euan Gillespie(9) 69
2nd Nick Symons(17) 69
3rd Simon M Taylor(18) 69
4th William Newby(18) 70
5th Samuel Haslam(5) 70
6th Alan McKnight(21) 70
7th Edward Piercy(7)  The Players Club Golf Club70
8th Freddie Fishleigh(20) 70
9th Jamie Pow(0) 70
10th Martin Hammett(24) 71
11th David Ashley(-2) 71
12th Christopher Hall(13) 71
13th Joseph Worthington(1) 71
14th David Ford(0) 71
15th Sam Keyte(1) 71
16th Dale Tanton(12) 71
17th Louis Delling(23)  Downes Crediton71
18th Ben Corcoran(7)  Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club71
19th Dean Willoughby(12) 71
20th Paul Wilson(10) 72
21st Tony Johns(7) 72
22nd Stephen Langbridge(24) 72
23rd Selwyn Fisher(4) 72
24th Jamey Jeffery(14) 72
25th Adam James Mitchell(2)  Malden73
26th Richard Basey-Fisher(8) 73
27th Chris Sturman(2) 73
28th Alex Hillman(15) 73
29th Oli Tanton(0) 73
30th Chay Hughes(6) 73
31st Lee Davey(7) 73
32nd Martin Short(7) 74
33rd Bob Colwill(6) 74
34th Keith Smallman(13)  Looe Golf Club74
35th Jeremy Horn(14) 74
36th James Chappell(2)  Saunton Golf Club74
37th Martin Chance(20) 74
38th Paul De Noronha(10) 75
39th Robert Deakes(10) 75
40th Bryan Keen(7) 75
41st Christopher McCarthy(11) 75
42nd Neil Crossman(14) 76
43rd Clifford Brown(6) 76
44th Patrick Sanders(4) 76
45th Frank Stone(14) 76
46th Wade Bulmer(24) 76
47th Maurice Heap(21) 76
48th Peter Waterman(7) 77
49th Dale Hurrell(8) 77
50th Stephen Kidd(10) 77
51st Stephen Taylor(7) 77
52nd Harry Innes(3)  Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club77
53rd James Corry(10) 77
54th Richard Willis(16) 77
55th Peter Slee(13) 77
56th Martin Hockin(21) 77
57th Blair McHarg(-1) 77
58th Tim Watson(14) 77
59th Bradley Payne(15)  Castle Point77
60th Craig Townsend(-1)  Warren Golf Club (Devon) Golf Club77
61st John Slee(19) 77
62nd Peter Acers(15) 77
63rd Chris Curtis(19) 77
64th Andrew Laugharne(19) 78
65th Paul Coles(9) 78
66th Tom Benney(6)  Perranporth Golf Club78
67th Simon Waddington(2) 78
68th Ian Johnston(11) 78
69th Mark Evans(1) 78
70th Martin Eyles(8) 78
71st T Woodhouse(-1)  East Devon Golf Club78
72nd Alan Coles(18) 78
73rd Andrew Fenge(19) 78
74th Mike Delling(6)  Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club79
75th Jonathan Elliot(7) 79
76th christopher white(12)  Mendip Golf Club79
77th Simon Davis(24) 79
78th Robert Allingham(17) 79
79th Joshua Coles(2) 79
80th Alex Godley(5)  Minchinhampton Golf Club79
81st Robert Holman(8) 79
82nd Christopher Innes(5)  Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club79
83rd Mike Stockwell(10) 79
84th Chris Drew(5) 79
85th Josh Taylor(5) 79
86th Max Cornish(8)  Teignmouth Golf Club79
87th Lloyd Sampson(7) 79
88th William Williams(11) 80
89th Mark Lee(10) 80
90th Neil James(-1) 80
91st Tim Coates(2) 80
92nd Martin Butler(6) 80
93rd Lee Daykin(10) 80
94th Paul Bunnell(13) 80
95th paul Manion(11)  Grims Dyke80
96th Caelan Colwill(22) 80
97th Sam Fishwick(17) 80
98th Rory James Hunt(0)  Teignmouth Golf Club81
99th Stuart Weston(16)  Broome Manor Golf Club81
100th Andrew Hood(11) 81
101st Stephen Flood(1) 81
102nd Chris Worthington(11) 81
103rd Andrew Rosenthal(6) 81
104th ANDREW NORMAN(-1)  Saunton Golf Club82
105th Mark Sutcliffe(14)  The Astbury82
106th Simon Grant(11)  Mendip Golf Club82
107th Hugo Cornell(8) 82
108th Martyn Fennell(16)  Saunton Artisans82
109th Raymond Smith(10) 82
110th Kevin Grant(10) 82
111th Matthew Arnold(4) 83
112th Michael Jewell(12) 83
113th Eoin Dunne(12)  Goring & Streatley Golf Club83
114th Paul Shapland(11) 83
115th Greg Rance(11) 83
116th Tim Crew(12)  Mendip Golf Club83
117th Chris Cloke(21) 83
118th Michael Dark(12) 83
119th Norman Stevens(18) 83
120th Robert Chandler(6) 84
121st Graham Lucas(8) 84
122nd Martin Pow(14) 85
123rd Philip Hodges(14) 85
124th Baden Wilkinson(8)  Mendip Golf Club86
125th Matthew Bright(10) 86
126th Neil Capener(10)  Teignmouth Golf Club86
127th Andrew Sutherland(9) 87
128th Paul Millward(3) 87
129th Steve Popham(20) 87
130th Hugh Purvis(7)  Long Ashton Golf Club87
131st Rod Martin(15) 87
132nd Steven Sherry(24) 88
133rd Jason Dolman(7)  Lee Park88
134th Daniel Thorne(11) 88
135th Nick White(8)  Mendip Golf Club88
136th Neil Johns(19) 89
137th Kevin Sawyer(14) 89
138th Robert Moore(13)  The Kidderminster Golf Club89
139th Christopher Buxton(20) 89
140th Darren Darby-Jones(13)  Mendip Golf Club90
141st Tom Robotham(15) 90
142nd Neil Hogarth(11)  St Mellion Golf Club91
143rd Colin Leaper(18) 92
144th James Doel(14)  Portmore Golf Club92
145th Jack Smallridge(7) NR
146th Curtis May(13) NR
147th Andrew Barr(10) NR
148th John Kelly(16) NR
149th Tom Boundy(20) NR
150th Ethan Jeffery(1) NR
151st David James(28) NR
152nd Steve Sear(18)  Ogbourne DownsNR
153rd Paul Hackett(8) NR
154th Wayne Hobbs(16) NR
155th Alex Priest(28) NR
156th Mark Gough(18) DQ scorecard not signed
157th Graeme Stirk(14)  Warren Golf Club (Devon) Golf ClubDQ scorecard not signed

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Open To: Men
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