The Royal North Devon Golf Club

Gold Challenge (Medal) (Scratch) (Open) & Club Tankard (Medal) (Handicap) (Open)

Sunday 26th May
Royal North Devon, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

Gold Challenge (Medal) (Scratch) (Open) & Club Tankard (Medal) (Handicap) (Open)

Sunday 26th May 2024, White Tees, Royal North Devon

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Robert Chandler(8) 68
2nd Aaron Souster(28) 69
3rd Tom Robotham(17) 69
4th Chris Sturman(3) 72
5th Kiaran Tanton(3) 72
6th Stephen Jubb(2) 73
7th Joe Kelly(17) 73
8th Selwyn Fisher(4) 73
9th Paul Millward(4) 73
10th Colin Harrison(3)  Broome Manor Golf Club73
11th Rory James Hunt(1)  Teignmouth Golf Club73
12th Adam Eley(14) 73
13th Joshua Coles(3) 74
14th Neil James(0) 74
15th Tom Boundy(18) 74
16th James Starkey(16) 74
17th Sean Kearney(17) 74
18th Simon Trapnell(13) 74
19th Grenville Ford(15) 74
20th Ian Johnston(11) 75
21st Joseph Worthington(1) 75
22nd Tim Coates(2) 75
23rd Sam Fishwick(17) 76
24th David Ashley(-2) 76
25th Max Symonds(7) 76
26th Julian Baker(13) 76
27th Tim Dennis(6)  Marlborough Golf Club76
28th Alec Nile(1)  Carlyon Bay77
29th Daniel Skudlarz(5)  Marlborough Golf Club77
30th David Grant(5)  Marlborough Golf Club77
31st Edward Johns(10) 77
32nd Simon Neve(6) 77
33rd Darren Richardson(12) 78
34th Adam Hull(4) 78
35th Robert Callaghan(22) 78
36th Andrew Hood(14) 78
37th Paul Coles(10) 78
38th Jamey Jeffery(13) 78
39th Richard Ferguson(11) 79
40th Max Gay(1)  Carlyon Bay79
41st Robert Holman(8) 79
42nd Chris Johns(20) 79
43rd Chay Hughes(6) 79
44th Michael T Jones(1) 79
45th Dale Tanton(13) 79
46th Alan Bird(15)  Pastures80
47th Christopher Hampton(14) 80
48th Miguel Frade(8)  Donnington Grove Country Club80
49th Andrew Ratcliffe(19) 80
50th Simon Waddington(3) 81
51st Tom Josling(28) 81
52nd Tom Griffin(7) 81
53rd Matthew Bright(14) 81
54th Bob Colwill(5) 82
55th Richard Wilford(9) 82
56th Craig Brodie(4) 82
57th Matthew Arnold(4) 82
58th Paul De Noronha(11) 82
59th Jon Williams(16) 83
60th Stuart Basford(10)  Northamptonshire County83
61st Todd Barrett(4) 84
62nd Alan Brown(7)  Northamptonshire County85
63rd Martin Butler(7) 85
64th Phil Crouch(19) 85
65th Oli Tanton(0) 86
66th Pete Rogers(10)  Teignmouth Golf Club88
67th Peter Yarde(15) 99
68th Kevin Rowe(20) NR
69th Alex Hamer(9)  Teignmouth Golf ClubNR
70th Neil Armstrong(12) NR
71st Angus Calder(7) NR
72nd Daniel Millard(21)  ChippenhamNR
73rd Chris Cloke(23) NR
74th Richard Cousins(12)  Warren Golf Club (Devon) Golf ClubNR
75th Michael Colwill(5) NR
76th Andrew Pye(7) DQ scorecard not signed

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Competition Fees:
  • £5.00 Per Member (Optional)
  • £45.00 Per Visitor (Optional)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 82

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